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Unique manufacturing technology that allows for unprecedented high throughput cell sorting.

OrcaSort™ Technology: Unprecedented high throughput and high purity cell sorting

Conventional cell sorting technology like Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) and microfluidics is limited in throughput and scalability which prevent it from being used in advanced clinical settings. Orca Bio has developed OrcaSort™ technology to overcome the limitations of current cell purification methods. The OrcaSort™ technology enables unprecendted high throughput sterile manufacturing of cell therapies while achieving over 99% purity.

The technology can be applied for broad use and has extensively been tested in the isolation and purification of stem cells and immune cells used in hematopoietic cell grafts.

The components of the technology are optimized for performance and designed to fit seamlessly into the clinical processing of current apheresis products collected from patients.

To avoid patient contamination all components that touch the biological sample are disposable and hermetically sealed to protect the equipment operator.

High Throughput
High Purity
Closed System

Easy to Operate
GMP ready
Robust (no clogging)