Cell Therapies

Bringing innovation to the bone marrow transplant process

Orca Bio

Cell Therapies Empowered

We are developing novel cell therapies to transform all aspects of bone marrow transplant and create a life-saving platform for many diseases. Significant needs exist for patients living with blood cancers, autoimmune diseases, and rare genetic diseases. Bone marrow transplant is a potential cure for many of these conditions, but the high risks, toxic side effects and complexity prevent patients from realizing its benefits. Orca Bio is working comprehensively across the transplant journey to change this reality.

Precisely Engineered Grafts

Orca Bio develops bone marrow grafts that consist of precisely engineered doses of well-selected bone marrow cells.

Clinical Studies

Orca Bio is a clinical stage company running multi-center Phase I and Phase I/II clinical studies.

Manufacturing technology

Orca Bio has developed unique manufacturing technology that allows for unprecedented high purity cell sculpting.